With the fundraising season beginning NOW until the end of the year, it’s URGENT that your need these services immediately for success:

For the last 15 years I had the privilege to work with Carl Terzian, chairman of Carl Terzian Associates in Los Angeles. Before passing away in March, he had a full-service PR firm or over 47 years, and it was considered one of the premier independent PR firms in the country.  Over the years we developed a database of more than 10,000 top level executives, influencers and community leaders in the Greater Los Angeles area.

I want to help you and your organization to benefit from this business development opportunity.

Carl’s method of business networking was renowned throughout the country, a tradition that I am continuing by providing the following services:

  • A one hour or two hour seminar on business networking and marketing designed for your own staff or for one of  your clients, whom you may want to sponsor.
  • Organize and conduct business networking roundtables, consisting of no more than 12 people, for nonprofits with the objectives of obtaining:

o    Potential board members        

o    Prospective supporters

o    Would-be donors

I handled all the media needs for Carl’s clients that required help with exposure on traditional and social media.  This also included writing and distributing press releases, placing articles, website consultation, scheduling speaking engagements, creating blogs and publishing newsletters.  

In this area, I provide the following services:

  • Press releases composed and distributed to traditional, electronic and social media outlets, pertaining to your industry

o    Distribution to include a selected list of media contacts maintained and updated continually

o    Media contacts include national and the client’s local media

o    The release to appear on Google News, Yahoo News, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit

•    Consult on general media and social media for your organization

I have been a communications professional for more than 45 years, working in public relations and marketing for the travel, entertainment, banking, nonprofit, sports, transportation, real estate, theme park, high-tech, and health industries, as well as for the legal profession. See my bio on my updated website at Jim Goyjer Associates.

•    Seminar:                           €500 - €1,000 per seminar (one or two hours)
•    Business Networking:      €1,500 per event (not including food, refreshments, accommodations and parking)
•    Press Releases:                 €1,200 per release (400 words)
•    Consulting on media:       €250 per hour

I look forward to connecting with you to discuss your business development needs.